Christmas Market - Christmas in Lemont

The Eighth Annual German Christmas Market was very successful for the vendors and for the Lemont Village Association.

A big thank you to the volunteers - Cathy Cohan organized the food, Kati Coffin prepared the Gluwein, Penny Eifrig organized the vendors, Chris Eifrig did set-up and take-down, Phil Hawk did the banner; Jackie Babcock, Nina Safron, Paula & Jim Marden, Susie Streit, Neal Hemmelstein, Sue & Ron Smith;  and Linda & Dominic Foo, Lilly and Charlotte, who helped sell food, were “gophers,” and all around great helpers. 

Phil Hawk, Jim Marden, and Ron Smith were the bratwurst & hotdog chefs, and the Cohan/Micci's provided the grill.

Thank you to the many cupcake and cookie providers as well – everything was delicious!

Thank you to Santa Claus for engaging many children on Saturday, Hog's Galore for  locally made bratwurst, and hotdogs, and Café Lemont for gourmet coffee. Giant and Sam's Club donated gift cards for supplies.

 Our Vendors included:

Bob Altamura         stonework
Martha Bright         fabric items     
Val Burkholder       jewelry       
Esther DelRosso    handmade cards
Denise DeSousa    Dream Catchers
Terrie Eagles          pottery
Chris Eifrig             Knuetes clothing
Penny Eifrig            Eifrig Publishing                                             books
Lindsay Kowalski    soap
Sofia Micci              jewelry
Camile Payne         soap
Susan Polay           fabric, weavings
Jane Robeson        crochet & fabric                                             items
Candace Smith       felt ornaments
Christine Stengel    pottery/ornaments
Laura & Jay Young    Christmas wreaths
Molly Mann Ziegler    felt animals