Concerts on the Village Green for 2018

JUNE, JULY, AND AUGUST, Friday evenings, 7:30 pm - 9 pm.  

NOTE:  IF heavy RAIN is in the forecast, the concert will be in the 
GRANARY, upstairs.  Please bring chairs.
Ready-to-eat food by a local truck will be at the Village Green for delicious supper offerings.  Brazilian Munchies will be here for seven of the concerts!

 Thanks to all our musicians who play for the fun of playing in a terrific venue.

We have an exciting line-up with some who have performed before and several new-to-us.   Picnickers are always welcome.  Concerts are free, but a basket is passed to help support the Granary renovation projects.   This year the money raised will go toward a  Band Shelter for the stage.   

June 1         Venus Envy - Mickey Tomasetti Lead Vocals/Harmonies/Percussion. Tom Mallouk Bass, Acoustic                                 Guitars/Vocal and Harmonies. Liz Lasher Keyboard, Accordion and Harmonica. Jim Kelly Lead and                                  Acoustic Guitar/Vocals. Jessica Kim-Schmid Violin and Back Up Vocals. Kristin Dreyer Vocals/Back Up                            Vocals/Harmonies and Percussion. Duane  Eberhart Saxophone/Back Up Vocal. Jerry Kisatsky Drums                            Brazilian Munchies Food Truck.

 June 8        Mitch Angle -  guitar and vocal with a mix of Rock, Folk Rock, Grunge, and Country, new this summer.                Brazilian Munchies Food Truck.

 June 15  Ride the Song Tim McMillen, Jeremy                       Jack, Kevin Steiner on guitar, banjo, harmonica and vocals; "Brewgrass" - drawing from many pages of                      the Americana songbook...part bluegrass, part country, part blues ...and a whole lotta fun.  Brazilian                             Munchies Food Truck.

June 22       OverheaD - Wendy Hanson vocals and percussion; Eileen Christman, keyboards, violin,                                          bass and vocals: Kevin Fagley, guitar, bass, drums, and vocals; Tom Mallouk, vocals, guitar, and                             bass, and Rick Plut, drums, guitar, and vocals playing classic rock. Brazilian                                Munchies Food Truck.

 June 29       Steve Van Hook, vocals and guitar reflecting on daily life, spinning tales of the past, and Jim Colbert,                         colorful vocals combined with artful guitar, banjo, ukulele, and harmonica, playing indie folk rock.                           Brazilian Munchies Food Truck.

July 6          Christopher Kent - new to the Village Green but not new to the music scene, award-winning singer-                         songwriter, check him out at

July 13          Richard Sleigh -  Famous Harmonica Virtuoso at

July 20         Acoustic Artifacts -- Jerre Price, guitar and vocals; Eileen Christman, violin, keyboard, vocals;                                and Todd Hill, vocals and bass, playing originals and covers of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and                                       the Mama's and the Papa's.

July 27        Tussey Mountain Moonshiners  Gwen Stimely, banjo & vocal; Steve                                                                          Buckalew, mandolin, guitar,violin, & vocal; Steve Crawford - guitar, vocals; Jeremy Tosten - guitar,                                vocals; Bill Stetts - bass, vocals performing amazing bluegrass.                                                                                 Brazilian Munchies Food Truck.   

 August 3     Beaver Avenue Beggers - Local happy hour favorite, the Beaver Ave. Beggars,  performed                                 throughout Centre County from 1988-1992.   Performing both acoustic and classic rock favorites                             from the 50’s and 60’s,the Beggars employed a strong vocal  mix with mellow but danceable                                  backbeat. The Beggars will be reuniting this summer for a series of shows in  August.  Members                          include: Pat Elliott, guitar and vocal; Jerre Price, guitar and vocal; Joe Roberts, Keyboard                                        and  vocal; Dave McKee, drums; and Eric Rosengrant, bass. The Beggars will be joined by guests                          Ralf Southard  and  Eileen Christman, who along with Elliott and Price constitute local  acoustic                              favorite ESP.   Brazilian Munchies Food Truck.

  August 10    Blind Horse Wagon - Doug Irwin, Sam Spurrier, Bill Ritzman and Denny Hayes - expect to                                             hear some bittersweet Americana originals as well as some handpicked, free range, grass fed                                covers.  /    Brazilian Munchies Food Truck.                

August 17      Hops and Vines Jonathan McVerry, vocals, guitar, Christy Clancy, vocals  -  an acoustic rock                          duo that plays a little bit of everything. The band's mission is to perform songs  love, but we don't                                hear all of the time. Hops (Jonathan McVerry) rocks a fun jangly guitar and Vines (Christie Clancy)                              brings some of the best, most powerful vocals in Happy Valley Brazilian                                 Munchies Food Truck.

  August 24    The Project - John Wise and sometimes friends doing classic piano-based rock, mostly Elton John                          and Billy Joel.  Brazilian Munchies Food Truck.

 August 31    Erin Condo and the Hoofties -Erin Condo--guitar, vocals; Bill Wilgus--Guitar; John  Kennedy - Bass;                         and Kevin Lowe--Drums - raucous good times~  Brazilian                               Munchies Food Truck.            

Professional sound work is provided by Jim Thorn  - A real PRO!  Thank you.