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Save the DATE:  May 8, 8 am to 8 pm May 9th 

during the Centregives campaign so you can donate to the Lemont Village Association's Band Shelter/Pavilion Project. 

     Email from home or with your laptop from CAFÉ LEMONT during that 36 hour time slot, and the Café will reward you with a free cup of coffee.  Log on to: https:/tinyurl.com/ CentreGivesLVA to help us raise funds for the Band Shelter.  You may also do it from home.THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 

Details:  Centregives is a 36 hour event that is sponsored by the Centre Foundation. It will run from 8 am, Tuesday, May 8 to 8 pm, Wednesday, May 9. You will need to use a credit card to donate.  You may also contribute by calling the Foundation at 237-6229, and they will take your credit card information over the phone.  The minimum donation is $25.   Check out the site for special promotion times that will match your donation with a $200,000 "stretch" fund.  THANK YOU for participating!