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posted Feb 7, 2017, 12:07 PM by Sue Smith

Lemont Farmers Market Vendor Application - 2017


Your completion of this application provides necessary information for the Officers of the Lemont Farmers Market to make a decision about your entry into the market. Please be thorough and specific in completing numbers 1 through 8, then return to the LFM. Your application will be reviewed. A copy of this form, once completed, will be provided to you.

2017 Lemont Farmers Market Information

Market Location: Lemont Granary Building, Mount Nittany Road, Lemont, PA 16851

Market Dates and Times: Every Wednesday from 4 pm to 7 pm starting May 24, 2017 through Oct. 25, 2017

Market Fees: $184 for full-time vendors (all season May-Oct., ~$8 per week) paid in full at beginning of the season. We will charge $9/week for a space if it is paid weekly.  We will also do contracts for one Wednesday a month, if it is the same Wednesday each month.  These will be $10/week or $60 for six months.  The spaces will be available on a first come first served basis.


Market Manager: Anna Kochersperger, kochrose@gmail.com

Market Email: sue@lemontvillage.org

Market website: www.lemontvillage.org/farmersmarket


Once completed, please send as email to:

Sue sue@lemontvillage.org or Anna @ kochrose@gmail.com

OR via snail mail to:

Lemont Village Association, P.O. Box 546, Lemont, PA  16851


1 – Provide your contact information

Name of main vendor  __________________________


Name of vendor family members/employees/partners who will participate at the market Farm/Business Name:_________________________________

Address:__________________________________    __________________________________________


Phone: ___________________________


Cell Phone:_______________






2 - Provide Information about your farm/business

Is your farm/business owned or rented?


Do you have a storefront? _______________________________________________


Are you currently a vendor at other markets? If so, which ones?:  ________________________________________________________________________



Have you been a vendor at other markets in the past? If so, which ones?


How many years have you been in business? ______________________________


Page 2


If you participate in the market, do you expect to be present at the market or will employees, friends, helpers or agents of your farm/business be present_______________________


3 – Product Information - Please list the products that you would like to sell at the Lemont Farmers Market using the following categories:

l       Agricultural Products (example: produce, honey, meat, eggs, dairy):





l       Processed Foods (example: cider, jams, preserves, dips, sauces):





l       Baked Goods (example: bread, muffins, cookies, cupcakes, granola):





l       Restaurateur/Prepared Foods (example: sandwiches, pizza, coffee, beverages, ice cream, entrees):




l       Other – please explain





4 – Market participation - Helping the Market succeed by contributing your skills beyond vending your product is encouraged.

____ Please check if you currently hold the Servsafe certification and are willing to serve as a Servsafe contact for the Market.


5 – Reference - It is helpful to have a reference attest that you would be a good addition to the Lemont Farmers’ Market based on the quality of your product and your business. Please list someone that we can call to find out more about you and your business.

Name of contact:______________________________________________________


Phone number of contact: ______________________________


6 – Date and Signature

Date of submission of this form to the LFM:________________________________________

Signature of applicant:


7 – Verification of Compliance

___Current by-laws have been reviewed with new vendor and questions answered

___Current rules have been reviewed with new vendor and questions answered

___Proof of Insurance has been provided (paper copy) by vendor and the date is current

___Vendor has added LFM as a contact to vendor insurance so as to automatically receive renewals

___Proof of Certifications (including organic) has been provided (paper copy) and the date is current

___Fee has been received in full or in part (with agreement to receive other half on agreed upon date)

___Kevin Kassab, College Township and the Lemont Village Association have been contacted

      regarding new vendor

___Vendor has certified that they will be "producer only" as defined by the LFM Rules

___Product list has been reviewed by Market Manager or Officer

___Farm inspection/proof of farm via recommendation has been completed

___Market Manager or Officer has added vendor to contact list, phone list, email list and website

___Space needs and market space assignment have been discussed with new vendor


8 – Date and Signature

Date of completion of this form with Market Manager or Officer:_______________________

Signature of applicant:_______________________________________________________

Signature of Market Manager or Officer:_________________________________________


We welcome your participation! Please let us know if you'd like to assist the Market by circling any of the following ways in which your volunteer skills can assist the LFM to succeed:

l       writing skills (newsletter, blog, website, newspaper articles)

l       teaching skills (demos, presentations)

l       developer skills (website, blog, e-communications)

l       legal skills (reviews of by-laws, rules)

l       marketing skills (marketing decisions and analysis)

l       multimedia skills (video, graphics, drawing, audio, podcasts)

l       organizational skills (organizing meetings, documents, e-communications)

l       nutritional skills (preparation of recipes, coordination of food events)

l       Thank you!