Historic Lemont

Lemont, Pennsylvania
was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, thereby earning it a place of honor in the history of rural America. That same year the LVA was founded as a nonprofit corporation committed to three goals:
  • promoting the awareness, appreciation, preservation, and significance of the historical traditions and architecture of Lemont;
  • providing avenues to address matters and finding solutions to problems affecting the village; and
  • improving the quality of life in the village by sharing information and organizing to reach common goals.
Initially the LVA was formed to spearhead a drive to help keep the post office from being moved from Lemont.  The effort was successful and a new community spirit was born.  The new post office was built on College Township land, on the site of an old railroad yard in the village center.  Behind the post office stands the 1885 John I. Thompson Grain Elevator and Coal Sheds (the Granary) the LVA's newest challenge.  Much as already been done to preserve the buildings and develop the site into a Village Green for community use.  There is still plenty of work to do.

The Village Green and the historic Granary are becoming a dynamic and integral part of Lemont Village life.  We have a beautiful public space with a significant structure rescued from destruction and given new life in our growing community.

Map of Lemont Historic District