Welcome to Lemont!

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The Lemont Village Association endeavors to

preserve historic Lemont, including the 1885 John I. Thompson Grain Elevator and Coal Sheds in the center of Lemont.

The LVA sponsors many events to foster a community spirit in our Village while encouraging visitors to our town.

We have activities in the spring, summer, fall, and early winter which include:


The LVA is planning events for the April to December season, with the hope that they can be held. If an event needs to be cancelled due to COVID-19, we will do so on this newly updated website, on the Lemont Friends list serve, on our Facebook page, and on the Lemont Post Office Bulletin Board.

Please send an email with your address to news@lemontvillage.org to get on the Lemont Friends list. Thank you.

Thank you! to all of you who participated in Centre Gives. The final amount, including the "stretch" pool, totaled $5.547.88 Thank you! $1000 of that amount is designated for a bird and/or butterfly garden, from an endowed gift in the name of the late Diane Moore.

Click the Friday Village Green Concert button to hear the latest news and see schedule changes.