Centre Gives

Thank you for helping!

As of May 12th, the day after CentreGIVES, preliminary results are over $2 million raised overall. The LVA did GREAT, thanks to over 50 donors contributing over $6,000 - more than any other year - NICE GOING! Our final total, including the stretch funds, a matching grant or $1,000, and fee taken out is $7,732.89. We are pleased to have 15 new donors this year, plus lots of regulars.

Donors were: Kathy Addleman, Mary & Paige Andrew, Ned Balzer & Margie Stewart, Marie Bednar, Jeff Bower, Eileen Cristman, Cathy Cohan, Art Curtze, James Eisenstein, Laurie Fedon, Barbara Fisher, Pauline Fogelsanger, Rich & Roni Francke, Dennis Gioia & Judith Albrecht, Etta Habegger & Charlotte Eubanks, Ryan Hamilton, Matthew Hansen & Katie Davenport, Kathryn & Scott Hardy, Neal Hemmelstein, Jane & Jim Herbert, Susan Hochreiter, Robert & Virginia Klein, Jen Kretchmar, Scott & Janice Kretchmar, Linda Littleton & Mel DeYoung, Tim Lockhard & Amy Anderson, Richard Lynch, Eric & Amelia McGinnis, Jonathan McVerry & Emily Reddy, Chris Millet, Kathryn Morrow, Roxanna Nestlerode, Paula Ralph & Jay Maynard, Sam & Linda Ranaudo, Nancy Records, Yvette & Scott Richardson, Ricotta/Kosiba Family, Cynthia Ross, Jennifer Rygel, Joanne Shafer, Ron & Sue Smith, Lauren Steinberg, Christy & JT Thompson, Jennifer & Steve VanHook, Andrea Wildy, Heather & Jason Winfield, and Lois Wolfe.

Part of the money, $500, is from the Diane Moore fund, secured by Jeff Bower, for the pollinator garden, but the rest will be added to last year's funds for the siding work needed on the Railroad/Coal Sheds building. Period siding was replaced on one side and the two ends of that building, but we didn’t raise enough money to do the east side, facing the railroad track. The wooden siding is original, from 1885, and has been patched several times. The door and bridge on that side also need to be repaired, so that the historical renovation of the buildings themselves can be completed. Funds needed for this project will exceed $50,000, so this will be a long-term project. Thank you!

Watch for this event every year. There are many ways to participate in this wonderful community day of giving! Visit CentreGives to donate to our campaign. Please note, you will need to use a credit card to donate and minimum donation is $10.

  • Call the Foundation at 237-6229, and they will take your credit card information over the phone.