Centre Gives

Thank you for helping!

   Last year Centre Gives' preliminary results were over $2 million raised overall.  The LVA did GREAT, thanks to over 50 donors contributing over $6,000 - more than any other year - NICE GOING!   Our final total, including the stretch funds, a matching grant or $1,000, and fee taken out is $7,732.89. We were  pleased to have 15 new donors last year, plus lots of regulars. 

The event for 2023 will be Wednesday, May 10th and Thursday, May 11th (new days of the week this year.)  The link is https://tinyurl.com/CentreGivesLemontVillage 

   . Funds this year will be added to those raised in 2022  for the wooden siding that is original, from 1885, to be replaced - but not all of it, some is in great shape.  The door and bridge on that side also need to be repaired, so that the historical renovation of the buildings themselves can be completed. Funds needed for this project will exceed $50,000, so this will be a long-term project which we plan to start this summer.  

    In addition we have another fund to support this year – Jeff Bower, long-time Lemont resident, is the manager of the Diane Moore  Fund at the Centre Foundation.  It is specifically for bird and butterfly habitat plants, and he has promised a nice amount to be added to our CentreGIVES fund this year for the pollinator garden and other Village Green landscaping   Thank you!

Watch for this event every year.  There are many ways to participate in this wonderful community day of giving!  Visit CentreGives to donate to our campaign.  Please note, you will need to use a credit card to donate and minimum donation is $10.